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Product Name:

CNC high speed cut to length line

Model: QR-TQ44K-1.0x1500
Categories: High Speed
PERFORMANCE AND STRUCTURE QR-TQ44K cut-to-length high speed line is used specially in leveling and cutting metal coils into blocks. This line is made up of loading cart, decoiler, supporting-and-conveying facility, straightening machine, loop bridge, length measuring-and-fixing facility, film-adding facility, shearing machine, conveying table, pneumatic board-vertically-lining frame, hydraulic lifting stacking table, conveying table, hydraulic system, electrical control system etc. together with PLC control system. The main units for hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical systems and length measuring-and-fixing system are products of world-famous manufacturers.
This cut-to-length line is mainly used for processing CR, SS and non-ferrous metal coils etc.. After equipped with six-high straightening machine, this line can cut those coils whose surface has high requirements like Al coils into required length.
According to the requirements of customers, the leveling part can be equipped by a pre-leveling and the main straightening machine. The length-fixing part can adopt synchronizing action by mechanical electrical appliance together with numeral converter technique or alternating servo technology. The shearing machine could be mechanical, hydraulic, high-speed guillotine, flying-saw shearing, or rotary flying shearing. After equipped with other machines, the function of this cut-to-length line can be extended.
Items                                          Units               Select range
Thickness of the board               mm            0.3-2、0.5-3、0.5-5(铝板)
Width of the standard board      mm           1000、1250、1500、2000、
Decoiler bearing                            t             5、12、15
Leveling accuracy                       mm/m2               1.2
Length accuracy                         mm                 ±0.50
Line speed                                 m/min            25、40、60、100
The total power                          kw             ~65、~95、~110
Description and specifications given in this catalogue are subject to technical files.
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