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Double-action Hydraulic Drawing Press

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Double Action Hydraulic Press

The fuselage may use four columns or the portal frame construction. The tetrastysle structure simple ,econnmical ,is practical;The frame posture tension bar pre-tight struture,the precision high,the rigidity is good;Four jiao eight guidde rails,the guidance precision is high ,anti-plants ability ;The stretch,nearby the pressure the slide may through the positioning pin association be a body ,the realization single acting craft movement ;The hydraulic control uses installs valve integrative system and the fat liquor secondary filter installment ,the water cooling installment ;Attacks slight ,movement reliable ,releases dewpoint to be few .The import material cylinder seal part ,the relia-bility high ,the servicelife is long ;Machine ,the battery solution integration safety device ,like under the cylinder the cavity supporting returm route ,about the cylinder the cavity locks security mutually and so on return route is superior .PLC control,work keen reliable,may reliable,may realize the constant pressure,decide the regulation two kinds to take shape the craft ,and has the high spatial regulation and the working speed ,the production effciency is high.