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Hydraulic Press

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Double Action Hydraulic Press

The fuselage may use four columns or the portal frame construction. The tetrastysle structure simple ,econnmical ,is practical;The frame posture tension bar pre-tight struture,the precision high,the rigidity is good;Four jiao eight guidde rails,the guidance precision is high ,anti-plants ability ;The stretch,nearby the pressure the slide may through the positioning pin association be a body ,the realization single acting craft movement ;The hydraulic control uses installs valve integrative system and the fat liquor secondary filter installment ,the water cooling installment ;Attacks slight ,movement reliable ,releases dewpoint to be few .The import material cylinder seal part ,the relia-bility high ,the servicelife is long ;Machine ,the battery solution integration safety device ,like under the cylinder the cavity supporting returm route ,about the cylinder the cavity locks security mutually and so on return route is superior .PLC control,work keen reliable,may reliable,may realize the constant pressure,decide the regulation two kinds to take shape the craft ,and has the high spatial regulation and the working speed ,the production effciency is high.

Four Column Hydraulic Press

This machine is suitable for the plastic material suppressed craft,like flushes carries,is curving,the flange,the thin steel plate stretch and so on. Also may be engaged in the adjustment,the pressure attire,the grinding wheel takes shape,the cold extrusion metal parts takes shape,the plastic product and the powder product suppression takes shape the craft,affter is joined to the blanking buffer mechanism to be possible to use in the punch holes,the material processing. This machine has the independent actuating unit and the electrical system,and uaes the button common control,may realize the adjustment, manual and the semiautomatic three operating mode. This machine working pressure,the suppressed speed,the travelling schedule scope may need to carry on the adjustment according to the craft.And can complete the constant pressure and decide the regulation two crafts ways,craft of way the constant pressure has after the suppression guarantees presses with the time delay automatic return trip movement

Powder Molding Hydraulic Press

This series hydraulic press has "automatically (manual)adds the powder tertiary , pre-ssurizes ,lags behind the drowinig of patterns" and so on the craft movement ,had guarant-eed the powder product takes shape the smooth exhaust and the product density even. The hydraulic system uses inserts the valve integrative system,the fat liquor secondary filter system and the water cooling installment ,first flange type structure ,hose connec-tion,thus guarantee machine movement stable .attacks alightly ,releases the dew point to be few ;Uses,the low pressure combination high pumps for the oil way ,reduced the consumption. The electrical system uses imports PLC,the time relay control,may realize "desides the regulation control ,the pressure protection "and "the pressure control ,the position protection" two suppressed ways ,has the adjustment ,semiautoment,the completely automatic three operating modes and "goes against the drawing of parterns,lags behind the protection drawing of patterns ,the micro protects the drawing of patterns" three drawing of patterns ways ,by adapts each kind of perpormance material and shape each different product need. This series hydraulic press has tetrastyle ,the overall frame two kind of structural styles.

Single Action Hydraulic Press

The computer optimizes the structural design,the tetrastyle is simple economy, practical;The frame posture structure uses gives the tight tension bar fuselage,the slide uses eight guide rails guidances rigidity well,the precision is high,anti-carries ability.The hydraulic control system uses inserts installs the valve integrative system and the fat liquor cooling system,the movement reliable,service life long,the hydraulic pressure impulse was small,reduces has connected the pipeline with to release the leaking point.The electrical system uses the PLC control the electrical system,the structure compact,the work keen is reliable;Black-white control system work reliable, movement direct-viewing,the service is convenient.Has the adjustment, the semiautomatic three technique.Through operation kneading board choice,not only may realize decides the regulation the constant pressure two kinds takes shape the craft,moreover the fluid pressure pad may realize jacks,is less effective,stretches three kind of crafts circulation.

Single Column Hydraulic Press

The series hydraulic press is C-frame Single-column structure and the whole machine body is jointed with steel. The hydraulic sys lies inside the body. Under the worktable does equip with hydraulic cushion. The electric control system applies “PC” program controller with button central controlled to achieve adjusting, manual and semi-automatic operation. The series hydraulic press applies to techniques including the drawing, punching, bending, crimping, amendment, pushing mounting, cold and hot extrusion, etc of metal materials as well as powder and plastic products for press forming. The operation is very convenient with C-frame single arm structure. The hydraulic system lies inside the body. Under the worktable does equip with hydraulic base. Working press stroke can be adjustable within the specific range. The series hydraulic press applies to techniques including the drawing, bending, incusing, blanking, amendment, pushing mounting, etc of metal parts as well as the forming of general powder and abrasive products, plastic products and insulating materials for press forming.....