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Sheet Corrugating Machine

The most import point of a corrugating machine is the design of corrugation pattern of the corrugating rolls, which are machined from quality steel rolls.

heavy gague cut to length line

PERFORMANCE AND STRUCTURE QR-TQ44K cut-to-length line for heavy gauge is an upgraded type of medium gauge line. Since steel mills continuously putting out thicker and wider steels, our company specially designed and produced this series of lines to satisfy the demands for decoiling and levelling those coils.

CNC high speed cut to length line

PERFORMANCE AND STRUCTURE QR-TQ44K cut-to-length high speed line is used specially in leveling and cutting metal coils into blocks. This line is made up of loading cart, decoiler, supporting-and-conveying facility, straightening machine, loop bridge, length measuring-and-fixing facility, film-adding facility, shearing machine, conveying table, pneumatic board-vertically-lining frame, hydraulic lifting stacking table, conveying table, hydraulic system, electrical control system etc. together with PLC control system. The main units for hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical systems and length measuring-and-fixing system are products of world-famous manufacturers.

CNC cut to length line for auto industry

This kind of normal speed QR-TQ44K CTL is mainly used for material processing in metallurgy, vehicle, metal ware, electric, construction and building materials, chemical machinery fields, and trading fields for metal material storageļ¼Œboards distribution etc..

cut to length line for stainless steel

QR-TQ44K cut-to-length line for stainless steel is used specially in levelling and cutting stainless steel coils into blocks.

High Speed slitting line

Slitting line can do uncoiling, slitting and recoiling works, make coil steel to any needed width coil steel. It mainly includes coil car, uncoiler, coil guide, slitting machine, scrap winder, tension unit, recoiler and coil car, hydraulic system, etc. It mainly used in coil or hot rolling carbon steel, silicon steel and all the other kinds of metal materials with surface spreading. This line can be adjusted to do recoiling or dividing work to meet customers demand.

Slitting Line for Heavy Gauge

The slitting line is not only for the steel service cutting industry, but also for the pipe industry. A lot of customers make the pipes before slitting the large coil to the small size of coils.

Edge Milling Machine

Specifications 1.Various metal plate milling 2.Used for edge process 3.High effective,low energy and easy operation.

Roll Forming Machine

ROLL FORMING No. of Work Station 17Sets Thickness of Coil 0.3mm-1.3mm

Cantilever Type decoiler

Our products are widely used in various fields: industrial factory, civilian building, warehouse, easy steel building, manufacturing, construction and have features such as nice appearance and durable. We have done business with many foreign customers just like: Iran, Tanzania, Cameroon, Portugal, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, Yugoslavia etc. Welcome any customers come and visit our factory.

Hydraulic Recoiler

The recoiler is used to recoil slitted strips into baby coils for final usage. Heavy duty, hydraulic expansion, pneumatic disk brake

Sample Sheet Inspection Line

This sample inspection line is designed specially for WISCO (Wuhan Iron And Steel Corp.), which is one of the biggest steel group in China.